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Which type of Zombie are you?
In Haitian folklore, a zombie (French: zombi) is an animated corpse raised by magical means, such as witchcraft. The concept has been popularly associated with the Zombie religion. By continuing to read this page, you accept that you converted to Zombie religion:

We are all Zombies, so let's at least be a good zombie!
In Webster dictionary, Zombie has been translated as"a person who moves very slowly and is not aware of what is happening" especially because ofbeing very tired. Same definition in almost all other dictionaries.
Now if we look closer to human lifestyle, most of us are listed as Zombies. Wemove slowly, even don't move at all, and we arenot awareof what is happening around the world, and we arealways tiredand blaming this and that. That is exactly the concept of a Zombie Lifestyle, and culture and religion.
Our Zombease research team has spent years compiling data on Zombies and the many characteristics they have. We have discovered that while most Zombies share some traits, variations do exist, this means that there is more than one type of Zombie. Here we explore and explain 5 of the basic Zombie types, they are listed below in no particular order. Find out which Zombie you are and try to upgrade yourself to a better Zombie.

  • Type 1: Useless Zombies
  • Type 2: Heartless Zombies
  • Type 3: Wrong Zombies
  • Type 4: Lovely Zombies
  • Type 5: Good Zombies