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  •  Services start when you die and it will be free after your death
  •  We take care of your facebook after your death
  •  We take care of your email addresses after your death
  •  We manage your will and take care of legal process
  •  We contact your family and give them your messages
  •  Account support up to 100 years after your death

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We love what we do! We have a variety of "before and after death" services including legal services, ceremonies, flower shops, prayer request, and special offers to people expecting to die soon, or their families or friends. Please contact our offices to get more details.
Who Notifies your family and friends? Who perfoms your will?
When there's a death, it's important to notify family and friends right away so they hear about the sad news in the kindest way possible. Make a list of all the people that need to be notified, including the names and phone numbers for immediate family, extended family members, close friends, and the deceased's employer (if applicable at time of death)

Planning a funeral can be overwhelming, so understanding what kind of information is needed and gathering it before you begin making arrangements can make the process go much smoother. A professional funeral director can walk you through the entire process to make sure all of your needs are covered, and you won't have to handle everything by yourself.

What happens to all of your e-mail and other digital assets when you die?
If you become a member of our portal, we will take care of all your physical and virtual properties up to 100 years after your death time. When you join our portal, our support team will contact you with email ( We can arrange phone calls or even meeting in your place or one of our places) and you will let us know what exactly you like us to do with your emails, your facebook, your twitter and your other properties. Some of our clients have asked us to close and delete all their accounts and data right after they die. Some have asked us to send special updates in special dates. Some have asked to change their accounts or rename them. We do it exactly like what you like us to do.

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