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Welcome to Death Time Company

Welcome to Death Time :) This website gives you most of the services you might need before and after you die. It also helps you to leave messages, images, voices, advices and wills to whom you wis


Our Services

We love what we do! We have a variety of "before and after death" services including legal services, ceremonies, flower shops, prayer request, and special offers to people expecting to die soo




About Death

Sorry to hear you are dying soon... but it is a fact... We will also die one day... Sometimes a dying person wants to discuss death or the dying process. This can be very uncomfortable for close fr


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Which type of Zombie are you? In Haitian folklore, a zombie (French: zombi) is an animated corpse raised by magical means, such as witchcraft. The concept has been popularly associated with the Z

Best Suicide

Lost all hopes?

So you have lost all hopes and you are sure you want to suicide? Ok! Here are the simplest ways to commit suicide. Before that please read the last 3 checklists: Remember that there will always b

World Death Rate 1950-2022

World Death Rate 1950-2022

World - Historical Death Rate Data Year Death Rate Growth Rate 2021 7.640 0.430% 2020